Sunday, October 23, 2005

FM-200 Fire Suppression Systems Fenwall FM 200 system sphere FM-200 is one of the new halon alternative agents now in use to protect essential applications traditionally protected by Halon 1301. This agent has many similar characteristics to Halon 1301 and is safe in normally occupied areas. Fireline has been selling FM-200 since its inception in 1993 and today we are installing Fenwal FM-200 systems throughout Maryland, DC, Virginia, West Virginia and several other states. Fenwal's FM-200 systems are available in spheres or cylinders and can be designed as pre-engineered
or more commonly, as engineered systems. For more information on FM-200 systems, consult our FM200 page. Inergen Fire Suppression Systems
Inergen Fire Suppression Systems Inergen is another new alternative agents replacing traditional Halon 1301 areas. Inergen is a high pressure agent and is stored in cylinders similar to Carbon Dioxide. This agent is comprised of three naturally occurring gases - Nitrogen, Argon and Carbon Dioxide.
Fireline installs Inergen systems manufactured by Ansul. The system is laid out with a central bank of cylinders manifolded together and the agent is dispersed through a pressure reducer and a piping system. For more information on Inergen systems, consult our Inergen page.
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